Geschmackvolle Zhenjiang-Spareribs mit gesundem …

Geschmackvolle Zhenjiang-Spareribs mit gesundem Gemüsereis

Frau K sagte, dass dieses pflanzliche Reisrezept erfrischend ist als die üblichen, mit sehr wenig Öl …

Ja, ich mag es, das Öl und Salz im Rezept am meisten zu reduzieren, auch wenn es optisch weniger ölig ist, wenn es zu Hause ist -gekochte Mahlzeit ist nicht gesund, es ist besser, im Laden zu essen!

Wenn es um Beilagen geht, möchte ich eine 蟲草花醬.

Zhenjiang-Essig ist einer der vier berühmten Essige in China. Obwohl die Zhenjiang-Spareribs aus Bambus einen starken Geschmack haben, ist das Rezept sehr einfach. Der Zhenjiang-Essig ist der Hauptweg, um die vielfältigen Aromen von sauer, süß und salzig hervorzuheben Es passt perfekt zu Gemüsereis.!

Zhenjiang Spareribs Zutaten Ein-

Wort-Spareribs 1 Pfund (jedes Stück wird in zwei Stücke geschnitten, wenn es zum Kochen verwendet wird, bevorzuge ich gefrorenes Fleisch)

gehackter Knoblauch 1 Esslöffel

Zhenjiang Essig 5 Esslöffel

Kandiszucker 4 ~% Stücke (ca. 1 cm in Größe)

2 Esslöffel leichte Sojasauce,

Pfeffer, ein wenig


1. Die Rippen waschen und abwischen, 10 Minuten in der Marinade marinieren.

2. Die trockene Marinade mit Küchenpapier bedrucken, kochen und braten, bis sich die Farbe ändert, und das Öl abtropfen lassen.

# 酱料 Nadelreserve

# Aber ich benutze nur eine kleine Menge Öl und brate die Rippen in einer Halbbratmethode, bis die Rippen Farbe annehmen .

3. Einen Esslöffel Öl bei mittlerer Hitze erhitzen, gehackten Knoblauch hinzufügen und anbraten, die Rippen in einem Wok anbraten, die Rippenmarinade, den Zhenjiang-Essig und den Kandiszucker hinzufügen, Wasser hinzufügen, bis die Rippen bedeckt sind und kochen, abdecken und köcheln lassen für 20-25 Minuten, bis geerntet Es wird mit ein wenig Sauce getan.

#Um einen kleineren Topf zu verwenden, können Sie einfach einen Rippchen auf den Boden des Topfes legen. Die Größe ist ideal. Sie können auch einen kleinen Auflauf verwenden.



Sliding noise rated working voltage

When the brush slides on the resistor, the voltage between the center end of the potentiometer and the fixed end has irregular fluctuations. This fluctuation is called the sliding noise of the potentiometer. It is caused by the uneven distribution of the resistivity of the material and the electric Irregular changes in contact resistance when the brush slides.

Rated working voltage

Rated working voltage refers to the highest working voltage allowed by the potentiometer under the specified conditions. The actual working voltage of the potentiometer should be less than the rated voltage.


Resolution refers to the ratio of the change in resistance to the output voltage when the resistance of the potentiometer changes continuously. The resolution of the non-wire wound potentiometer is higher than that of the wire wound potentiometer.

Dynamic noise

Dynamic noise refers to the electrical noise generated when the potentiometer’s moving contact slides on the resistor under the action of an applied voltage. The magnitude of this noise is related to the speed of the shaft, the contact resistance between the contact point and the resistor, the number of moving contacts, the uneven change in the resistivity of the resistor, and the magnitude of the applied voltage.

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Semiconductor and Texas Instruments

Investors interested in the semiconductor industry often find themselves weighing the interests of Texas Instruments (NASDAQ: TXN) and NXp Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXpI). The two huge chip manufacturers have a lot in common, there is fierce competition in several key markets, and they run very similar hybrid manufacturing models. So, which is a better investment now?

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Once upon a time, the main determinant of these two stocks was their valuation. Last spring, NXp ’s trading price was a bargaining ratio of 10 times forward earnings, which made it a unique investment strategy. At the time, Texas Instruments (TI) stock was changing hands at 20 times forward earnings. For p / E purists, there is no reason to consider TI as NXp.

Since then, the situation has changed, but perhaps the rules of the game have not changed. NXp investors achieved a 74% return in 2019, while TI shareholders had to settle with 36% (still market leading) earnings. Today, NXp stocks have a price-to-earnings ratio of 15 times and free cash flow of 24 times, while Texas Instruments’ (TI) valuation ratio is 26 times forward earnings and 39 times free cash flow.

Therefore, NXp does seem to be worth the money right now, but that is not all. The chief investor Warren Buffett famously favored buying large companies at a reasonable price rather than buying fair companies at high prices. This is a wonderful way to think about the important issues of serious investors.

TDA7297 is a dual-bridge amplifier specifically designed for TV and portable broadcast applications.

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The development of permanent magnet synchronous motor

The cooling method of the motor has gradually developed from natural cooling to water cooling. At present, domestic electric motor companies mainly use water cooling, and foreign advanced electric motor companies have developed to oil-cooled motors. Some domestic motor companies have also developed oil-cooled motors, such as Jingjin, etc., to further improve the cooling efficiency of the motor.

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The development bottleneck of permanent magnet synchronous motor

At present, because pure electric passenger cars use permanent magnet synchronous motors as the main technical route, how to further improve their performance has become a key issue in the industry. At present, permanent magnet synchronous motors are facing technical difficulties in the following aspects:

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power density

There are two ways to increase the power, one is to increase the torque, and the other is to increase the speed. The former’s main problem is the increase of overload current, which causes high heat generation and great pressure on heat dissipation; the latter is high ferromagnetic loss at high speed, which requires the use of high-performance low-saturation silicon steel sheets, which increases the cost; Structure, but affects power density.


permanent magnet materials are also an important factor restricting the performance improvement of permanent magnet synchronous motors. At present, the commonly used permanent magnet materials NdFeB mainly have the disadvantages of poor temperature stability, irreversible loss and high temperature coefficient, and severe magnetic performance loss at high temperatures, which affects the motor performance.

production process

The difficulty in the production process of permanent magnet synchronous motors is an important factor restricting large-scale supporting passenger cars. Due to the lack of industrialization accumulation of permanent magnet synchronous motor manufacturers, domestic companies have a high production defect rate and cannot meet the defect rate requirements of passenger car companies. Annual production has brought huge challenges to permanent magnet synchronous motors.

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Website optimization improvements

One particular position in which header tags do appear to make a good influence on Seo is with highlighted snippets – in two particular strategies:

The main is optimizing your header tag for the long-tail voice lookup search term, after which answering the question immediately under making use of textual content inside, paragraph tags.

The second is using subsequent, smaller headings to stipulate distinctive listing things. Google makes use of these headers to generate its possess bulleted and numbered lists showcased snippet effects.

For instance, pear Analytics scored this highlighted snippet for “what is usually a h1 tag?” when Google pulled the paragraph of text beneath their keyword-optimized H1.

H1s are huge, they usually glimpse like titles to audience. Use multiple H1s on your web page, and it begins to seem somewhat out of control.

Choose to make certain you really do not have any a number of H1s lingering in your internet site?

Run your area by means of a crawler device like Screaming Frog.

Toggle above towards the H1 tab to view at-a-glance no matter if you have got any web pages which are missing H1s solely or have numerous H1s.

Then click the Filter drop-down menu to export those you care about fixing.

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