The cooling method of the motor has gradually developed from natural cooling to water cooling. At present, domestic electric motor companies mainly use water cooling, and foreign advanced electric motor companies have developed to oil-cooled motors. Some domestic motor companies have also developed oil-cooled motors, such as Jingjin, etc., to further improve the cooling efficiency of the motor.

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The development bottleneck of permanent magnet synchronous motor

At present, because pure electric passenger cars use permanent magnet synchronous motors as the main technical route, how to further improve their performance has become a key issue in the industry. At present, permanent magnet synchronous motors are facing technical difficulties in the following aspects:

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power density

There are two ways to increase the power, one is to increase the torque, and the other is to increase the speed. The former’s main problem is the increase of overload current, which causes high heat generation and great pressure on heat dissipation; the latter is high ferromagnetic loss at high speed, which requires the use of high-performance low-saturation silicon steel sheets, which increases the cost; Structure, but affects power density.


permanent magnet materials are also an important factor restricting the performance improvement of permanent magnet synchronous motors. At present, the commonly used permanent magnet materials NdFeB mainly have the disadvantages of poor temperature stability, irreversible loss and high temperature coefficient, and severe magnetic performance loss at high temperatures, which affects the motor performance.

production process

The difficulty in the production process of permanent magnet synchronous motors is an important factor restricting large-scale supporting passenger cars. Due to the lack of industrialization accumulation of permanent magnet synchronous motor manufacturers, domestic companies have a high production defect rate and cannot meet the defect rate requirements of passenger car companies. Annual production has brought huge challenges to permanent magnet synchronous motors.

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